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My guru my pleasure my life

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A lot of facebook friends have been asking me what it is that i do for my skin

A few friends and family are aware of the secret but here it is for one and all

There are three things I do without fail

1 - Sudarshan Kriya Yoga ( a powerful breathing technique I learnt from the art of living's happiness programme years ago , you may google "s.k.y artofliving" and read about it )

2 - Beauty #sleep ( never skip on that )

3 - Drink tonnes of water

4 - And to hydrate my skin I have been using a homemade cream and pack ; that I now launch as #Vanveda for one and all

The cream is basically a day and night cream , something your skin will simply love to drink .
It's very hydrating and contains just the nutrition your skin needs .
It's free of colour , perfume and preservatives.

Some of the ingredients being fresh homegrown aloevera , vit e , pure rose and sandalwood extracts , ceramides.
Its the first thing you'll want to apply on your face , after a shower in the morning and also works like the perfect night cream .

The "Vanveda FacePack" is another one of my mom's amazing home cure for my tan , pigmentation and hypersensitive skin .
It's made of fresh fruits , sandalwood and herbs .
It takes off the tan , pigmentation and makes you glow .

Me and mom invented this for personal use since I've always had a very sensitive skin and most products are loaded with chemicals that I would react badly to .
It did wonders for us and soon people started asking and we started making it in larger quantities to share with friends and family.

The users have constantly been growing in numbers and i'd rather call them lovers instead.
The testimonials below are proof 😊

For order or enquiries of either of these , please leave a message in the page inbox or
You may also Whatsapp @
# +91 9920299455
+91 9355284434

Can be shipped anywhere in India

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